Bucks County Adjusters Can Help You with Your Insurance Claims

When the unthinkable happens to your property, who can help you navigate through filing an insurance claim? Bucks County Adjusters from Citiwide are here to gather information and file a claim on your behalf. No need to worry about what information you need or if you filled out the claim information correctly, we take care of that for you. We handle every aspect of an insurance claim from beginning to end.

Our experienced adjusters will make the process easy for you while including all the necessary information your insurance company will need in order to get you the proper settlement for your loss.

Let’s be honest, insurance is a scary word. People are always wondering what is covered, what is not? What happens if I need to make a claim? Who handles my claim? What do I need to include when I make a claim? How do I know if I received the proper settlement? Bucks County Public Adjusters from Citiwide Adjusters are here to assist you with your claims.

When it comes to handling your claim, you want to make sure that everything is included pertaining to the damage. Our experienced adjusters will make the process easy for you while including all the necessary information your insurance company will need.

What does your own private adjuster do?

If you are not familiar with what insurance adjusters do, they handle every aspect of an insurance claim. As public adjusters, we are fully independent from insurance companies. Our adjusters will fully assess all the damage to your property and present that to your company. We detail what would be covered under your policies and what should be paid out to you. We will then negotiate on your behalf to get the highest possible settlement for your claim.

Property Damage

One of the worst things that can happen to a home owner is damage to their property. Having to file an insurance claim can be extremely stressful, and most don’t know where to begin. With our clients, we make dealing with a claim, easy.

With each type of insurance claim, our Bucks County Public Adjusters know what information your insurance company adjusters are expecting. Storm damage produces different problems than fire. Even if the damage looks like it could be the same to the untrained eye, with our adjusting expertise, we are trained in what to look for in each situation. That way everything an insurance company would need to know in order to pay out the proper amount for your claim is included.

Putting the Customer First

Our service is same day and our fee is contingent on your insurance company paying your claim. This speaks to our dedication to our customers, we work on your behalf as your own private adjuster to make sure you compensated properly for your loss. There is nothing a homeowner fears worse than being told their claim is being wrongfully denied or that the settlement amount is not enough.

Because some property damage requires relocation, our Philadelphia Public Adjusters will help you find temporary housing during this difficult time. We make sure that your needs come first so that you can continue to work and make sure your family is taken care of with as little disruption as possible. We can also assist you with finding contractors to repair your home.

Our #1 goal is to get your insurance claim paid as soon as possible and get you and your family back into
your home.


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