When the unthinkable happens to your property, who can help you navigate through filing an insurance claim? Bucks County Adjusters from Citiwide are here to gather information and file a claim on your behalf. No need to worry about what information you need or if you filled out the claim information correctly, we take care of that for you. We handle every aspect of an insurance claim from beginning to end.

Our experienced adjusters will make the process easy for you while including all the necessary information your insurance company will need in order to get you the proper settlement for your loss.

Let’s be honest, insurance is a scary word. People are always wondering what is covered, what is not? What happens if I need to make a ...

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Let’s be honest, insurance is a scary word. People are always wondering what is covered, what is not? What happens if I need to make a claim? Who handles my claim? What do I need to include when I make a claim? How do I know if I received the proper settlement? Philadelphia Public Adjusters from Citiwide Adjusters are here to assist you with your claims.

When it comes to handling your claim, you want to make sure that everything is included pertaining to the damage. Our experienced adjusters will make the process easy for you while including all the necessary information your insurance company will need.

What does your own private adjuster do?

If you are not familiar with what insurance adjusters do, they handle every aspect of an insurance claim. As public adjusters, w...

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Once upon a time there was huge hurricane that hit the small town of Angel's Nest where Jack and Cathy lived. The wind and rain broke the nearby dam and water washed away their house and all their belongings. Jack and Cathy survived the storm by climbing the tree in their front lawn and were ultimately rescued by the National Guard. They lost everything and their only hope was to get a good insurance settlement.

Jack and Cathy reported their loss to the Big Devil Insurance Company. They were very sympathetic but told them that their normal homeowners policy does not cover flood damage. "You need special flood insurance for that" they said.

Their neighbor recommended the best public adjuster that they knew. Jack and Cathy were told that t...

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Citiwide Adjusters Inc. (Actually 29, but who's counting?) Happy Anniversary to Us!

White, gray or black. What do these colors mean? Is water just water? Maybe you think so but insurance adjusters and public adjusters think differently. Here's my opinion;

White, this is clean. Rain water is clean, water from a spigot is clean.

Gray is water that starts out clean but eventually becomes contaminated. perhaps it runs through ceilings and walls where there are contaminates, or through a drain that contain the same.

Black is dirty contaminated water. Water that escapes from a stack pipe or a commode for example.

If white water hits your structure, unless there is obvious damage, the structure can be cleaned.

If gray/black water touches your structure it's a different story. The contaminated material must be removed. Certain ...

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I feel that I am also a public benefactor, an "angel of mercy"

Here is why. I take the time to actually explain insurance policies, mainly fire and homeowners policies to people who do not understand them. Most people do not know the first thing about their insurance.

I visit some houses that are almost falling down on the owners' head. They feel that they are insured for everything. After all, they pay the premiums. The problem is that even a good policy has restrictions and exclusions. A flood for example requires a specific flood policy and no policy covers the actual pipe itself if there is a plumbing leak (only if the pipe broke due to freezing).

Many people live paycheck to paycheck nowadays. And when a roof leak occurs, the insura...

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A fire policy or homeowners policy normally states that if you want to sue your insurance company, you have to do it within one year of the date of loss. This is the day when the problem occurred such as a fire or pipe leak, or the day that you became aware of the damages. Some policies allow two years to sue.

It's also written in the policy that the insured and the insurance company both have the right to demand the "appraisal" process. This right means that if you or the insurance company disagree on the amount of money in the settlement, either of you can "demand an appraisal". Even the best public adjusters will utilize this option when it's needed.

Let me call your attention to the fact that there is reasonable no time limit for app...

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People ask me all of the time, "why should I hire a public adjuster?" They say "I'm a really smart guy, and I can do this on my own."

I will sometimes answer by saying that I'm a pretty smart guy too, and yet when I need to go to court, I always hire a lawyer. When it's tax time, I use an experienced accountant. When you submit a property insurance claim with your insurance company, you need representation as well.

No matter how smart or savvy you might be, there are times to hire a professional to be by your side in order for you to have the best chance of a positive outcome.

There are so many aspects of an insurance claim which make them extremely complicated and tricky.

Replacement values, depreciation, actual cash values, loss of inc...

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Many people wonder if hiring a public insurance adjuster is worth it when they’re faced with home or property destruction of some sort. They may see hiring one as just another expense and another person that they would have to pay, but what they don’t know is that the reward is far greater than the cost. Here are three questions that are frequently asked about hiring a public insurance adjuster in Philadelphia, PA, and other local areas:

Q. What do public insurance adjusters do?

A. After a disaster, the last thing you want to think about is haggling with your insurance company to get the money back that you rightfully deserve. This is where public insurance adjusters step in. They are qualified experts on property loss adjust...

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You probably know the story by now. It snows, kids have off from school, they decide to go outside and play, they build a snowman, put a magic hat on him and he comes to life. They have the time of their lives with Frosty until the snow starts melting and sadly, he melts too. But! Frosty comes back the next time it snows, and everyone is happy again.

At Citiwide Adjusters, a leading public claims adjuster serving Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas, we like the story of Frosty the Snowman and all, but we’re wondering what happened to his home and how he got paid for the loss of it.

In our opinion, Frosty should have used us (or at least some kind of public insurance adjusters) to help him receive the highest possible settle...

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